Understanding Expunction of Records in El Paso

New years are great for fresh starts. Many people take this time to reflect on the year that was and the one that awaits. This, often, manifests in the form of New Year’s Resolutions. But when was the last time anyone actually committed to a resolution? If you’d like to change your life in the […]

Expunction of Records: How This Relates to Juvenile Offenses

We all know that youth can be a chaotic time. Many young adults often find themselves in high-risk situations and with a lack of concern for their own safety, that of others, and a propensity for bad decision-making and lack of foresight.  Science itself indicates that the teenage brain is actually structured differently, which can […]

Drunk Driving and Your Teen: A Guide for Parents

Your child’s teen years are often when they choose to do everything in their power to rebel. While this may come in the form of not doing their homework and talking back, it can also take a dangerous turn if your teen drinks and drives. Statistically speaking, many teenagers drink, regardless of laws and commonly […]

3 Benefits of Obtaining an Expunction of Records

An expunction of records after being convicted of crime or being arrested in El Paso can be life changing. A criminal record will follow you throughout your entire life and it rarely has benefits. At the Aranda Law Firm, we know how difficult it can be to start fresh if you have even the smallest […]

What Exactly does Expunction of Records Mean?

The expunction of records, also known as expungement of records, is the process of removing arrests and/or criminal convictions.  This is a process that requires the assistance of an attorney, because it involved filing legal motions. Notably, this process uses the “Motion of Expungement” motion. However complicated the process seems, this process is worth exploring for a variety of […]

How to Appeal for an Expunction of Records

Expunction of records refers to the process wherein a person, under certain circumstances, can petition the court to have their arrest record, charged crime or even certain convictions erased.    When your records are expunged, there is no history of the alleged criminal acts which you were accused of committing. Your record is clear of any […]