Understanding Federal Drug Charges in Our Fast-Changing Landscape

Canada was recently in the news when it became the second country to allow the legal consumption of marijuana. Although the Cannabis Act was passed the Canadian Senate on June 21, consumption won’t begin until October 17, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Canada’s changing cannabis laws reflect what took place across the United States […]

The Top Consequences for Federal Drug Charges

Federal drug charges in El Paso come with dire consequences if not handled properly. When it comes to federal drug charges, the central government has mandatory minimum penalties. That means you can get a long time in prison for even a minor infraction. In the course of our longstanding experience with the federal law, the […]

A Quick Overview of Federal Drug Charges

At both the state and federal levels, it is a crime to possess, distribute or traffic illegal substances. However, drug charges largely depend on location, intent, and amounts. Federal drug charges are often more serious than state charges. The Aranda Law Firm is an experienced law firm in El Paso handling these types of cases. Here […]

Why are Federal Drug Charges are Different?

Federal drug charges can be different from state level drug charges for many different reasons. One of the biggest things that a defendant who has been charged with a drug crime needs to be aware of is that a federal charge can usually result in a much longer prison sentence. Further, if you are convicted, […]