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Don’t Face Your Legal Troubles Alone

Being arrested for a crime can be a terrifying experience. It can affect your entire life. A conviction can ruin your professional and personal reputation, causing you to lose your job, your family, and your freedom. If you have been charged or are being investigated for a crime in Las Cruces, you need to speak with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Marco Aranda, a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Las Cruces, can help you understand your rights. He will fight the charges against you and work tirelessly to ensure you receive the most favorable disposition in your case. Do not try to go it alone. You could face the maximum penalties allowed under New Mexico law.

Were you arrested for a crime in Las Cruces? Contact the Aranda Law Firm at (575) 386-5100 to schedule a consultation. All consultations are confidential and without obligation to retain the firm.

Types of Criminal Cases Handled at the Aranda Law Firm

The criminal defense attorneys at the Aranda Law Firm handle a wide variety of cases. From drunk driving offenses to domestic violence charges, you are in good hands with Attorney Marco Aranda and his experienced team.

Types of criminal cases handled by attorneys at the Aranda Law Firm:


Many people wonder when they should hire a criminal defense lawyer. The truth is it is never too early to consult with an attorney. Early intervention can prove critical to getting charges reduced or dismissed in certain cases. Waiting to retain legal counsel could have a negative impact on your case and may make it more difficult for the attorney to negotiate a favorable outcome.

Experienced Representation, Real Results

When your freedom is on the line, you need a criminal defense lawyer in Las Cruces you can trust. Attorney Marco Aranda is an experienced trial lawyer with proven results. He knows how to negotiate cases and is unafraid to set matters for trial in order to get clients the best possible outcome in their cases.

How attorney Marco Aranda can help:

  • Negotiate with the District Attorney
  • Argue for a reduction or dismissal of the charges
  • Provide the resources you need to make informed decisions
  • Build a strong defense in your case
  • Hire expert witnesses to testify on your behalf
  • Help expunge your record
  • Recall warrants and handle probation violations
  • Subpoena evidence
  • Help to prove your innocence


These are only a few of the ways that attorney Marco Aranda and the legal team at the Aranda Law Firm can help you during these challenging times.

What to Do After an Arrest in Las Cruces

A critical mistake that most people make after being arrested is they fail to remain silent. Many people are eager to prove their innocence and accidentally say something that can be seen as incriminating. Your best bet is to exercise your right to remain silent. 

Always be polite and courteous to officers. Do not make threatening gestures or fail to comply with orders. Simply do as you are asked and request a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you are placed under arrest. Do not answer questions or make a statement to the police until you have legal representation by your side.

If you are released from custody, do not speak about your case to anyone except your attorney. As the investigation continues, you will want to avoid discussing the circumstances of the arrest to ensure that you do or say anything that will implicate you in the crime.

Common Defenses to Criminal Charges

Many people assume that because they have been arrested for or charged with a crime, they will automatically be convicted. The fact is that many times, there are defenses that can help secure a reduction to the charges, a dismissal of the case, or a lesser sentence.

Common defenses in criminal cases include:

  • Lack of probable cause for the arrest
  • Improper search and seizure
  • False accusations
  • False identification
  • Chain of custody issues
  • Lack of intent


To understand what defenses may be applicable in your case, you need to consult with a Las Cruces criminal defense lawyer today. The Aranda Law Firm can help to protect your rights after an arrest.

The Importance of Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer can be one of the most important decisions you make after an arrest for a crime in Las Cruces. While you are generally not legally required to secure legal representation, it is in your best interest. Trying to represent yourself in a serious criminal matter can lead to you receiving the maximum penalties. 

A lawyer will negotiate on your behalf and work to secure a favorable outcome. You should never enter a plea unless you have consulted with an attorney to ensure it is the best deal. Furthermore, when deciding which criminal defense attorney to hire, you want to ensure that they are a skilled trial lawyer. In some instances, a matter will need to be set for trial to secure the results you deserve.

What to Know If You Are Arrested for a Crime

While you may feel hopeless in the immediate aftermath of an arrest, it is critical to know that you do have rights. Protecting those rights is the primary goal and responsibility of a Las Cruces criminal defense lawyer.

Things to know if you are arrested for a crime in Las Cruces:

  • You do not have to accept a plea deal simply because it is offered. 
  • You should never consent to a search of your vehicle or home unless the officer has a search warrant.
  • You have the right to legal counsel. You should exercise this right as soon as possible.
  • It is in your best interest to retain a criminal defense lawyer before your first court appearance.
  • There are several things that can be done prior to a case being filed, so it is important to consult with a lawyer immediately after your arrest.


A criminal conviction can have a devastating impact on nearly every aspect of your life. You need to be informed in order to make the right decisions about your case. Do not leave it to chance. Let an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Las Cruces help.

Criminal Defense Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Case Go to Trial?

The majority of criminal cases are resolved prior to going to trial. However, you could have multiple court appearances before your case is completed. It is important to discuss your case with a criminal defense attorney to determine whether you will need to appear in court. Failure to appear in court during a mandatory appearance can result in a warrant being issued for your arrest. 

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

It is generally in your best interest to consult with a criminal defense lawyer. Without the help of a lawyer, you could end up being sentenced to the maximum sentence under state law. A lawyer can review your case and help determine whether a more favorable disposition can be reached.

Will I Serve Jail Time?

Penalties in criminal cases depend on several factors, including the type of offense, the criminal background of the defendant, and the victim. Depending on the crime and the circumstances of the case, you could end up sentenced to jail time. A criminal defense lawyer can try to negotiate for a lesser sentence or reduced jail time.

How Long Will My Case Take?

The length of time your case will take to resolve will depend on the court in which your matter is being heard. Some courts have significant backlogs, which makes it take longer before a case is heard. The type of case may also impact the length of your case.

Arrested for a Crime in Las Cruces? Contact the Aranda Law Firm

Were you arrested for a crime in Las Cruces? Contact the Aranda Law Firm today to schedule a consultation. Call attorney Marco Aranda at (575) 386-5100 to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Attorney Aranda will help you build a strategic defense and will represent you in and out of the courtroom.

Do not delay. Get experienced representation you can trust. All consultations are confidential and provided without obligation to retain these services. Whether it is your first offense or your third, the criminal defense attorneys at the Aranda Law Firm may be able to help. Call today to get started.

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