The Dangers of Aggressive Driving in El Paso

Woman consulting El Paso Personal injury attorney over the phone at the scene of a car accident.

All too often, drivers are tempted to taunt others on the road for their misconduct. This is never something to take lightly. You never know when aggressive driving can lead to serious injuries and, worst case, death. Although educating yourself on the dangers of aggressive driving is one of the best methods to take to […]

Common Reasons Why People Have Violated Probation

If you ask anyone here at the Aranda Law Firm, they’ll probably tell you that violating your probation is a terrible decision. Probation is a sign of trust, and violating that trust can lead to financial and disciplinary consequences. Sometimes, violating probation is a complete accident, but other times, it’s a bad choice. A terrible, […]

How to Deal with Slip and Fall Injures in El Paso

When you go into a store, you expect to safely complete your errands. It is the responsibility of the store owner to strive to create a safe, reliable environment in which customers and employees can go about their days without worrying. But there are instances in which someone’s carelessness can lead to serious injuries. Below, […]

A Quick Overview of Federal Drug Charges

At both the state and federal levels, it is a crime to possess, distribute or traffic illegal substances. However, drug charges largely depend on location, intent, and amounts. Federal drug charges are often more serious than state charges. The Aranda Law Firm is an experienced law firm in El Paso handling these types of cases. Here […]

The Importance of Confidentiality with a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are represented by a criminal defense attorney, it is their duty to keep your information private and confidential. You do not want anyone to know about the information that you share with your attorney. Fortunately, there are rules of confidentiality which ensure anything you tell your lawyer must remain private. The Aranda Law […]

Slip and Fall Accidents- What You Should Know

A slip and fall attorney can provide you with assistance after you suffer an injury as a result of a fall. Premises liability laws in El Paso establish the rules for filing a lawsuit based on a fall. As long as your fall occurred outside of work, you will need to determine the defendant’s duty […]

What to Do After Suffering a Dog Bite

  When you suffer a dog bite from an animal other than those you might own, there are two things to do immediately- get medical attention, then get the number of a good dog bite attorney. The dog could have rabies or could otherwise carry diseases that could be life threatening to you. Getting medical […]

How to Appeal for an Expunction of Records

Expunction of records refers to the process wherein a person, under certain circumstances, can petition the court to have their arrest record, charged crime or even certain convictions erased.    When your records are expunged, there is no history of the alleged criminal acts which you were accused of committing. Your record is clear of any […]

When to Call a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

You should call a drunk driving accident attorney as soon as you have been involved in a collision while driving under the influence.  A defendant who has been accused of causing a DWI accident can face very substantial charges, which could result in a long jail sentence and multiple fines. You need to do everything […]

Why are Federal Drug Charges are Different?

Federal drug charges can be different from state level drug charges for many different reasons. One of the biggest things that a defendant who has been charged with a drug crime needs to be aware of is that a federal charge can usually result in a much longer prison sentence. Further, if you are convicted, […]