Family Violence Lawyer in El Paso: The Help you Need

Your marriage has taken a turn for the worst, and you need a family violence lawyer in El Paso because your husband put his hands on you. You were advised to hire an attorney because you are going to need help.  You have rights and your husband should be taken to court for what he […]

Need a Family Violence Attorney in El Paso?

  When accusations of domestic violence are made, you need a family violence attorney in El Paso. Domestic violence laws impose strict penalties for suspected domestic abuse. A victim is entitled to receive a restraining order or protective order with credible proof of abuse. Often, the victim can obtain an emergency restraining order right away […]

Domestic Violence Attorney: Spotting Signs of An Abuser El Paso, Tx

You are bound to find people who share the same destructive traits that will give them away as potential future abusers. Domestic violence attorneys can attest to this as they have helped many true victims escape the clutches of their abuser.   Domestic abusers come in all different shapes and sizes and backgrounds, don’t fall […]