Woman consulting El Paso Personal injury attorney over the phone at the scene of a car accident.

The Dangers of Aggressive Driving in El Paso

All too often, drivers are tempted to taunt others on the road for their misconduct. This is never something to take lightly. You never know when aggressive driving can lead to serious injuries and, worst case, death. Although educating yourself on the dangers of aggressive driving is one of the

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A woman sitting next to her car as she calls her car accident attorney on the phone after experiencing a hit-and-run in El Paso.

What To Do After A Hit-and-Run In El Paso

Car accidents in El Paso are extremely stressful and sometimes chaotic, depending on the severity. Getting involved in a hit-and-run car accident can be even more frustrating because you’re left alone to deal with the damages. Many people who experience hit-and-run accidents don’t know how to handle the mess they’re

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A young family of four reading stories before bedtime.

What are the Requirements for Adoption in Texas?

Like any other legal process, adoption in El Paso contains many legalities. Whether you are just pondering over the thought of adoption or are ready to welcome the new member in your life, there are many things that you need to be aware and sure of before officially opting for

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Two drivers that have collided not practicing safety tips

Top 10 Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents on the Road

Texas highways aren’t necessarily known for being the friendliest of roads. While the state offers warm attitudes, high-quality living, and several attractions, driving in Texas can definitely be a challenge. Too many lives are lost due to car accidents and collisions. Thankfully, there are many safety tips that drivers can

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Predicted Changes to Come to Personal Injury Law in 2022

Accidents have been on the rise, slowly increasing as we make our way through 2022. Although the year has just begun, lawyers are taking initiative to help clients learn more about what to expect in the legal area of personal injury. In this blog, we discuss some trends to be

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