What Getting An Expunction Can Do For You

Lawyers work with a client to get details on an nondisclosure or expunction

Making a mistake in life shouldn’t follow you forever. Having an arrest and charge for a crime on your record can haunt you. Causing more problems as you try to move past the mistake. Even without a conviction, a criminal charge can affect your job options, insurance rates, your credit, and the reputation you have. […]

Common Reasons Why People Have Violated Probation

If you ask anyone here at the Aranda Law Firm, they’ll probably tell you that violating your probation is a terrible decision. Probation is a sign of trust, and violating that trust can lead to financial and disciplinary consequences. Sometimes, violating probation is a complete accident, but other times, it’s a bad choice. A terrible, […]

5 Common Offenses that Require a Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense attorney helps with any kind of offense that results in your arrest. However, there are some crimes which are much more common than others. Finding the right legal representation is extremely important. It is imperative that your criminal defense lawyer you hire has experience representing people accused of a similar violation. The […]

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Gathers Information

A criminal defense attorney provides legal representation to defendants throughout the El Paso area. During an arrest, you have the right to contact an attorney. If your charges are serious, you don’t want to waste time; you need to find good legal representation as soon as possible. One of the most important things that an attorney […]

The Importance of Confidentiality with a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are represented by a criminal defense attorney, it is their duty to keep your information private and confidential. You do not want anyone to know about the information that you share with your attorney. Fortunately, there are rules of confidentiality which ensure anything you tell your lawyer must remain private. The Aranda Law […]

Tips for Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or your family member has been arrested on suspicion of criminal activity, you need to find a criminal defense attorney. You are going to need an advocate to defend you or your loved one so you can make bail and start on your defense right away. You can try to avoid a conviction […]

Tips for Finding a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or your family member has been arrested, you need to find a criminal defense lawyer you can depend on. You are going to need an advocate to defend you or your loved one so you can try to get them out of jail as soon as possible. A good lawyer will also help […]

Stay Out of Jail- Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

  After an arrest, hiring a criminal defense attorney can help you in many ways, like forming your defense and keeping you out of jail in El Paso.  There are often ways to defend yourself against charges or to negotiate a plea agreement which does not involve jail time. If you do not understand the […]

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney to Help You

When you need a criminal defense attorney in El Paso, the Aranda Law Firm is here and ready to help. When facing criminal charges, you should contact our attorneys right away- don’t wait. You will have to make choices immediately on how to plead and our attorneys can provide advice before you decide if you […]