Common Reasons Why People Have Violated Probation

If you ask anyone here at the Aranda Law Firm, they’ll probably tell you that violating your probation is a terrible decision. Probation is a sign of trust, and violating that trust can lead to financial and disciplinary consequences. Sometimes, violating probation is a complete accident, but other times, it’s a bad choice. A terrible, […]

Three Questions You Might Have After a Probation Violation

One common issue dealt with by criminal defense lawyers include probation violations. The repercussions for this can differ depending on original charges, the judge, and the particular violation committed. It is crucial to present the best arguments in court. At Aranda Law Firm we can provide you with the best counsel on how to handle […]

How Can a Probation Violation Attorney Help?

If you have violated your probation in any way the road ahead of you may look hopeless. However, there are actions you can take to make the situation better. Enlisting the help of a probation violation attorney can help you get back on track. The burden of proof is usually lower in a court hearing […]

A Probation Violation Attorney Can Make or Break a Trial

Unfortunate as it may be, get-out-of-jail-free cards don’t exist in real life. Most people who are charged with a criminal act or are released from jail after serving time for punishment are required to complete a probationary period. When probation is violated, it could mean going back to jail. Here are a few details about […]

A Probation Violation Attorney Can Assist in Avoiding Penalties

If you are facing an accusation of violating your probation, a probation attorney can help.  It can be burdensome to comply with all of the requirements of probation. As a result, a single mistake or even a wrongful accusation of a violation could have serious consequences. The Aranda Law Firm helps people throughout El Paso […]

How to Handle Probation Violations Correctly

Any probation violation attorney will tell you that probation violations are a huge risk to your conditional release. To clarify, probation a punishment used for convicted crimes that allows you to avoid or minimize jail time. As a result, these parameters are usually a condition for release and violating them carry serious consequences. In spite […]

Can You Benefit from a Probation Violation Attorney?

A probation violation attorney can help you try to stay out of jail when you have been accused of violating the terms of your probation.  There is a very real chance that violating probation could lead to serious legal consequences.  You deserve to have the best defense possible to protect your freedom.  The Aranda Law […]

A Probation Violation Attorney in El Paso | Make The Right Choice

If you are facing some trouble putting your life back together, a probation violation attorney in El Paso might be the help you need to getting back on track. If you are a young man with a whole life ahead of you, and you have been accused of violating your probation, that can mean serious […]

Criminal Violations in El Paso vs. Infraction Violations

Any time you are face with a serious legal matter that will decide your fate or that of a loved one, you need to know educate yourself as much as possible on everything concerning the situation. Criminal violations in El Paso are a daily reality. There are differences between criminal violations and an infraction violation. […]